ERPnext Shopify integration

Hi everybody
It looks that shopify_erpnext app is no longer required to install in v11, its built in erpnext itself.
but there is not any doc about how to set up.
I checked erpnext in github
master branch is in v10…
develop branch is in v12…
staging branch is in v11…
I switched to staging, then coppied all the credentials of private app from shopify and set them to shopify setting in erpnext.
now what I should do. do I need to configure webhooks in shopify? if so please how?
if not, why it not syncing?

issue in github

Hello, I also had many doubts about the integration in the V11, because there was nowhere to look for information.

There are also several issues and I can not get that saurabh6790 (which is the one that developed the integration) can answer me.

What’s more, there’s nothing clear about what the integration does, that’s why I also asked a user who was using it fully if he could detail the features to date.

In github there are already several issues placed


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Another issue that we initialized without much success, is that today there is no ecommerce that is working completely (shopify, ecommerce, and the one that brings erpnext).

We revived an issue of prestashop to take over completely the integration with a bounty, and the truth is that the conversation was somewhat confusing, and none of all the members of the thread commented anything.

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