ERPNext - Show Members on Customer Record


I am currently trying to implement ERPNext into our non-profit. We are a Neighbourhood Watch Association, and we need to track our member groups/schemes, as well as members of those schemes. I have set up the Schemes as Customers in ERPNext, as they will be purchasing merchandise from us.

I have installed the Non-Profit app, and I have set up a test Member which I am trying to link to a Scheme (Customer DocType). I can see that this can be done on the member DocType, but I do not have visibility when viewing from the customer record (I cannot see a table of members)

I’ve had a look around on Google, and I’ve worked out how to add a table to the Customer DocType, but I am unable to do this for the Members DocType, because Members is not a child of the Customer DocType.

Hopefully what I am trying to do makes sense? Please let me know if you need any other information. Thank you in advance for your assistance!