ERPNext shows only submitted Docs only to the website?

WhenCustomer login to the ERPNext website, he can see delivery notes under ‘SHIPMENTS’ page.
But all that is the “Submitted” Delivery Notes.

I want to show even the ‘Saved’ (not submitted) Docs of that particular customer.
Because whenever the Admin/ some other (Key-Distributor) changes the ‘Delivery Status’, it has to be visible in the webpage also…
Since in the Submitted Document the updating of ‘delivery status’ (or any field) is not possible, I need to show the saved documents (since different ‘delivery status’ can be shown different time) also to the webpage.

I want to know which file should i edit?
Need help…

You can create a custom field and check ‘allow on submit’, This field can then be updated even after the document is submitted. Hope this helps.

Thank You so much… It worked !

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