Erpnext subscription info

Hi All,

Currently I’m trying the ERPNext Solo plan.
And let say after I upgrade into “Small business plan” can I remove “upgrade” button in “subscription info” page?

I only want to give the “upgrade” button to “administrator” and don’t want to show it to another user.

Thx in advance.


@dArc The Upgrade button only shows up for users with the role “System Manager” (which is just for manage users)

Hi @rmehta,

thx for your reply.

So after I upgrade the plan, is it:

  1. possible to remove the backup files? I only want to keep the newest one.
  2. If I have a domain name, can I use it as erpnext url? So I don’t have to be an ERPNExt subdomain. ex:

Thx & Regards,

@dArc Thanks for your interest.

These backups are all usable (we keep other redunant backups too)

Yes, this is possible in a subscribed account.