ERPNext Summer of Code

According to ERPNext Summer of Code timeline(, coding should have commenced.

Is this timeline still being followed?

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The timeline states that April 23rd to May 14th will be - know your Community activity.

The selected participants are in touch with us and getting used to the technology they’ll be working on. They are also free to choose whichever project they’d like to work during this time and can ask us any doubt regarding it.

Here’s the initial kickoff -

The coding will commence on coming Monday, May 14th.


Ok. Patiently waiting.

Hi @Obinna_Ukwueze,

I’m one of the participants selected under ERPNext Summer of Code.

All the participants are actively in touch with the ERPNext team. We are constantly interacting with each other over a messaging platform and have also conducted multiple online meetings. All the meetings are recorded and are regularly posted on the official YouTube channel of ERPNext (

Currently we are being guided by the team on how to get started with FrappeJS and other required technologies. The entire team of participants is very eager to start working on the projects and build high quality open source softwares with guidance from the team as well as the entire ERPNext community. Thank you.


lovely. Go forth and conquer.