ERPNext : Tax in sales invoice

Hi! I have made a TAX rule according to my needs but I am having difficulty in producing it in the sales invoice.
the sales_invoice doc does not have excise duty and VAT mentioned individually.
Also, I want to print ‘total excise duty in words’.
Please refer to the image attached. For now, I have labeled them as a3, a4 etc. Can anyone guide me from here?
The image is a screenshot of custom print format of my sales invoice.

Thanks a lot. Sorry for the trouble!
@mouuuton please have a look.

You will have to loop this from the taxes table to get the values.

Best to engage a freelancer / service provider if you are not a dev.

If you are willing to give it a shot we can help you debug, but can’t write it for you!

Yes I found that from POS invoice and jinja tutorials.
But customization will not end here. Also, thank you for the reply; I never wanted anyone to code for me but to suggest ways to implement it :slight_smile: