Erpnext Testing / Management


I was wondering if anyone had any notes on the following situation.

I want to setup a set of company accounts. Then duplicate the company accounts/setup. This would leave me with two companies, one for testing and one for testing.

When the testing is complete, I’d apply lessons learnt from the testing setup in the production setup.

Does anyone have any notes on doing this from the command line? Bench?


@tray just create 2 separate sites and use the data import export to update your accounts


Thanks for the reply.

I have just checked the erpnext you tube account, and there is a video that documents alot of what I need to know from a quick viewing of the video. I shall review the video again and seek if further advice if required.

video: “setting up another erpnext site and installing erpnext demo”



this thread is might help too