ERPNext Timeout Logoff setting?

Hi all,

We have several users who, after about 30 minutes of inactivity within the system (we are on frappecloud) they are logged out of ERPNext. We have several other users (myself included) who can leave their browser running for several hours (up to one day) without input and not get logged out of ERPNext.

Why is this, we are all running it in Chrome browser (latest version) and there are no special configurations setup or extensions that I know of that would cause this.

Any ideas please?


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Well what I can understand currently there is an option in erpnext —> System settings —> Security Setting ----> Session Expiry

Now you can set any time between 1min to 24 hours in this setting but how it works is kind of interesting. What I have learnt is that if you set say like 5 mins in this setting then it would not check for 5 mins of INACTIVITY instead it would start to log every user OFF in 5 mins, which I think is strange as I have never seen this kind of functionality.

What you are asking for, I am assuming, is that the user logs off after say like 15mins of inactivity which I think is currently not available, but I sincerely thing that this session expiry should be replaced with Inactivity expiry and should be transferred to the USER TABLE so that we could set individual inactivity expiry for each user.

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