ERPNext to Frappe migration


I’m trying to migrate my current application which is there in ERPNext cloud and would like to move to frappe cloud

Please help me with the setps

Nagaraju T

I’m assuming you want to move your site from to

You can use your site’s credentials to create a new site.

You can also refer Frappe Cloud Docs - Migrate an existing site.

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Hello !!

Just export Database files, Private and public files from the current ERPnext instance.

and Create site on Frappe Cloud, You will get options to import, it’s very easy, and you don’t need to worry about anything.

Thank you for reply.
Database file can be download from ‘download Backup’
How to download ‘Private’ and ‘Public’ files(I mean path to download them’.

Things to remember for migration in general:

also copy site_config.json from the backup.
It has the "encryption_key" which may be needed after restore.

In case of self hosted instance, bench backup command takes backup of site_config.json along with db and files dump.

Where can i find ‘public files’ and ‘private file’

You will find them on the same page as the db backup:

On clicking this, the system will send you an email with the links to download both private and public backup files.

But since you’re moving from to Frappe Cloud, I’d go with @adityahase’s suggestion of using the Cloud migrator in-built with the site creation as it’s zero hassle for you as the end user.


click on " Download Files Backup "

if you don’t receive email with Links to Download the files !
you can use FileZilla and go to site path

like :




Great Thank you, I will try