ERPNext too slow - HIGH CPU usage


Our ERPNext server is really slow as the following image shows the process running:

How can we fix it?

Is there is a backup in progress?

Could be locks in your mysql, what is the output of show processlist in your mysql?

No backup in progress

Now I realized that after I restarted the pc server, the system become too slow, but if I do “bench start” this don’t happens.

What can I do to not type every time “bench start” when I need restart the server?

There must be a way to automatically start processes on boot. You might want to Google this up.

What about developer and production mode? Now our server is on developer mode, if I change for production I know the command “bench start” is not necessary. Doing that, can I change for developer mode again if I need it? How can I do it if it is possible?

May refer to this link : ERPNext setup on Antix Linux - #6 by NeisSenni. It does minor changes in Redis configuration file.

You can come back to developer mode by stopping production