ERPNext use in Australia

Is anyone using erpnext in Australia?

What is it like for BAS, super and STP?

Is there anyone in Australia specialises in seeing it up?



Good questions!

I’m a new user on the Gold Coast trying to get a system set up.
The product seems to offer lots of promise but local users seem to be thin on the ground.


you can use first as a demo then you will familiar will this software then you can experience of its features and FOSS magic.

Hi Alan
How are you getting on with ERPNext? Whatever you have learned about the Australian experience, please let us know. I am very interested.

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Fantastic program, I have been using it for my business for about 8 years, originally I was using OPEN erp which I think became Odoo, but their pricing model and features were painful when they took over the opensource program, before that VTiger, but I can’t speak more highly for erpNEXT, one of the best ERP and CRM systems on the market. I have it running on a VPS and it is brilliant, on v13 at moment, migrated from v12, using Ubuntu 20.22, with their new accounting module we will shutdown quickbooks over next month or so as not needed.


Hi Alex
I’m in the process of setting up ERPNext for a small manufacturer in Australia. Issues will be STP and PLAID …but it’s a work in progress. Having reviewed other ERP systems and having familiarity with SQL client server ERP systems, I hoping this will work out. I’d be interested to know if there are other installations and points of reference in Australia.


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@alan57 - just curious, what is PLAID?

As I understand, a recognised foreign bank API for reading account transactions to assist with bank reconciliations. Not used by Australian banks

Hi there Alan thanks for your reply 13d ago - I just saw it. I am a manufacturing SME myself and will continue to take an interest in your implementation and will pass on any info I hear of activity in the Aus/NZ region.

Hi all.
Would love to network with other Australian ERPNext users. Is there any way we can request an Australian Community sub category under the Community category? I see there are ones there for French, Hungarian etc.

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Thanks Monica I think that would be a great idea and long overdue! There are a number of Oz-specific things that need to be ironed out together before we can expect this unbelievable software to really take off here.

cc: @rmehta

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Hi all. We’ve been implementing ERPNext for over 7 years now and recently started up in Australia where we have rolled-out to a number of customers here. Let me check if I can get an Australian Community up and running. In the meantime, happy to discuss anything Oz specific with ERPNext.

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Cool :sunglasses:

Hi Tony great to hear from you. Several of us have asked on this forum whether we could have a regional forum set up for AU and didn’t get any traction with that. Just before Christmas I stood up a google usergroup and it is at and so far just 7 members but sure to be more over time. You are welcome to join and that goes for anyone else who is in Australia or interested in what we are doing here. Hope to see you there soon.

We have already got two code contributors: myself and Owen Last from Oneiric. Owen has a repo up on github which facilitates GST reporting ( GitHub - OneiricIT/australian_accounts ) and I have one which does batch supplier invoice payments and generates ABA files for multiple vendors ( GitHub - fiedag/batch_payments: Pay multiple purchase invoices for multiple vendors with a single batch of payments. Produce bank files. )

In addition we have Tim in QLD who has made contributions to the frappe trunk it appears.

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Wow Great to hear from you that OZ people starting using this software. I thought everyone is using X ero and M yob.

I only use the X ero payroll subscription for 10 dollar a month(that can get the STP done ) (for small business BAS can be manual submission), and rest of them I use Erpnext. for invoicing and Sales order , and Quotation. Currently I am still using ERPNext in test phase, which I can learn come coding and Accounting.

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The guys from Frappe have kindly setup the Australian Community for us here Australia Community - Frappe Forum

Thanks @umair!


i Visited Australia for 1 month and also met approximately 30+ businesses and found that They Use X ero and M yom but all are looking best price alternative solutions. ERPNext has the best opportunity but they need one adon something like india-compliance. We can add all the features that are needed for Small Businesses.

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Hi Everyone! I know these discussions have been running for so long.

We have also been working with 2 of our Australian businesses and they are using Myob for everything accounting and payroll. they have shifted to ERPNext for Sales, Purchase and Inventory Management.

To move them for accounting and payroll, the blockers are GST, BAS, STP and Bank Integration. I am halfway through Bank Integration.

I look forward to building a group of Business Users ready to sponsor a part in building all the compliance level integration into ERPNext.

Looking forward to connecting with everyone at or Whatsapp at +91-8552862114