ERPnext use Python and Java - only Java

Hello Developer,

why did ERPnext use Python and Java?
Wouldn’t it be enough just to bet on java?

Why did you choose Python and Java?


You’re mistaken, Frappe Framework (and by extension ERPNext) is built using Python and JavaScript.

There’s no Java.

Thank you.

Why did use ERPnext use Python and JavaScript?
Wouldn’t it be enough just to bet on JavaScript?
What is the reason?

Not a offical developer for frappe and ERPNext, but my opnions would be:

  1. Programming Language is not really a issue, people tends to use the most suitable tool regarding to what they want to built. For ERP, backend development is Python as there are more libraries they can use? And frontend is using javascript and (Vue another frontend framework, I haven’t learned anything about Vue in frappe yet).

  2. Back then the time they were developing the V1 ERPNext, I guess Node.js (javascript in backend is not really a trend), even for now it’s not ideal for such large scale projects.

  3. Other ERP software is using C/C++ or Java as long as they think that language with community support would be enough for their development roadmap.

The above would be just my guess according to what I know, it might be wrong. Would be great to hear what others think.


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A web app has essentially two sides. There’s a client side application and a server side application.

ERPNext works on the web, i.e. browsers, the language that runs on the browser is JavaScript. It helps us build and update the UI, make requests to the server and a lot more. Using Javascript is in someways inevitable.

As far as the server side is concerned, Python is a great language, it’s faster to build apps with. Performance of python applications is more than enough for the needs of even an ERP.

Running JavaScript on the server is a concept relatively new, came into the picture way after ERPNext was written. This is why the stack is what it is now.

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I’m a beginner, so I’m so aware of coding, but why java, and not Javascript?
I’ve just read an article Will JavaScript take Java’s place in web and software development?
So explain please=)