ERPNext used in Insurance (or financial institutions)

Hi Guys.

We are currently in the process of obtaining a deal to have ERPNext implemented in an insurance company. They are asking whether ERPNext has already been implemented in other companies in their industry. Do you have any information about such companies if they exist?

First of all : congratulations!
Questions for you :slight_smile:
What feature if ERPNEXT are they interested in? If it is only accounting or only payroll then these features are generic enough to fit the needs of financial institutions. However if you want to implement mark to market of assets and liabilities then these are complex derivatives needing special software and connection to market data. Again it depends on what features are being implemented.

I cannot find any examples of insurance companies implementing it. But it is possible.

Anything is really possible .
What we need is a subject matter expert with knowledge of the industry who can sketch out the requirements of an insurance company to work with programmers to make this a reality .

And of course people to fund the project .