ERPNext User/Employees Without E-mail ID


We have people who would like to use the ERPNext system for leave management, who are contractors or laborer’s who will not an e-mail of their own. They are field level workers.

Is it possible to create users or employees in the ERPNext system without having any email id?


Hello Saravana,
yes, you can add employees without assign user id for them but in this case, this employee won’t have access to the system but you still can manage their activities by other users for example their direct manager

Hi @OmarJaber. Thanks for your response. Is there any possibility to login the ERPNext System without having an E-mail id?


No, the email is required, by the way, the email shouldn’t be an active email
for example, you can use this email:

I have about the same issue, and afaik you only really need the email for password purposes. So I will redirect all mail of the affected employees to one separate mail account I will setup.
Then I’ll use this to setup a password for them which I hand them over, and all’s good from our side.

Instead of using email, provide them with Usernames and Password.
Frappe has the ability to login via Usernames as well.

As far as Email Id is concerned, you can set anything as and set password for them.

Oof, could you please elaborate? I haven’t found a way to setup passwords for my users!

Hi, I’ve created a user with fake/ non-working email ID. The user has been created but I am not able to login with the ‘username’. I am only able to login with the fake email ID. Please help. Thanks.

Have a look at the attached image. This option of ‘change password’ only appears after creating and saving the ‘New User’. You won’t see it if you don’t save it first after creating it.