ERPNext User Interface ERROR

Hi all

please need your help
For a few days I have been getting this error that persists when I try to access certain pages or when I try to create new records in ERPNext.

the error is an empty page that displays without content.
How to solve this problem?

thank you


It ,may help to say the operating environment and versions of frappe/ERPNext in use. Did the problem start happening after an update or customization or any change to software?

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please check js console , it will give you exact error message

the online production environment.

the problem started after an update of ERPNext/Frappe to version v13.33.0/v13.32.0


this is what the console shows when I inspect.
Thank you for helping me.

Try bench build and bench update --requirements.

please is it possible to apply bench commands on an online ERPNext deployment hosted by ERPNext? If yes how to proceed?

It should be noted that I am not in a local deployment where I can access the terminal and run bench commands.


using server ip address and credentials you can connect using ssh (with putty or vscode), then you can run commands(‘bench setup requirements’ and ‘bench build’) in bench folder