Erpnext users email inbox

everyone I’m new to ERPNext
Ihave instead the erpnext using easy way here
On ubuntu 18.04.2 x64 in digitalocean droplet
ERPNext V11. 1.13 (master)

I have setup everything ok
Email account set up is ok to send and receive

Also setup the email domin configuration ok

also i have added a new user as a Support Team
And configure his email inbox ok

But still user can’t use his Email inbox

He can only use is he is System manger

What to do is i want each user to use his email inbox send and receive
Only with support Team permission

I don’t want all users to be system managers



Hello any help
@rmehta @wojosc

Hello any help

Hey @Hazem_Dardar1sorry for not giving you a proper answer on this. We will be updating our ERPNExt instance soon afterwards I can let you now how we use it.

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Welcome to ERPNext Hazem_Dardar1

As this is a volunteer run forum please do not @ tag individuals unless you have that understanding with them, thanks.

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Thanks i will not tag people again
Waiting for the solution for this problem a i saw a lot of people having same problem


Have you tried the configurations as mentioned in this documentation? Step 4, on setting up user email inbox

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I have tried it but only
When user is system manger can view the emails
But when i make the user as a Support Team
He can see email inbox but can’t view messages or reply

Have you also checked Step 4 in the mentioned documentation?

at the Moment I am testing removing my personal e-mail inbox from erpnext. The only thing I do is send e-mails which are “firsts”. I get a copy of this e-mail sent to my inbox which I move straight to the folder sent.

Once the recipient answers my e-mail I am in cc and can also use the “answer all” funktion from thunderbird.

Not a good method. Stoped doing that and am now back at doing my emails in ERPNext. I still can not recommend this though as is tiering.

Idea: @rmeyer and I are thinking about having an email account in erpnext to which all e-mails are sent from your client of choice via BCC flag. A script will then “read” your e-mail for DocType information and attach accordingly. If an e-mail can not be attached due to missing information the sender will be notified.

If anyone is up for putting some money toward @rmeyer we would be very happy :slight_smile:

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me am a system manager but i can’t even view the inbox