ERPNext users in UK

I’m supporting a client to adopt ERPNext but they are sceptical and would like to speak to another business who are using it - does anyone know a company in the UK who would be happy to have a chat about their experience of it?

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Maybe also describe your clients business type?

sure - they are electrical contractors to industry - so work includes office based design of solutions, workshop building the panels etc, then out in the field installing and commissioning. they are currently using timesheets, projects, stock mgmt, quoting… one day they may adopt HR, payroll but in no rush.

Alternatively, you could offer to implement and use for 3 months and see if they like it. If they don’t want accounting entry and exit load is not that heavy I presume!


I’ve implemented ERPNext in the company I work for although we are not using the system as yet.

My plan is to introduce ERPNext for CRM and Sales, Project Management and Task Logs and more, and then the second stage is to use it to replace QuickBooks in terms of Purchasing, Stock and Manufacturing. ERPNext is currently not ideally suited to UK accounting.

I’ve been involved in the community for nearly a year now so have a good appreciation of how ERPNext works and it’s aims and strengths and weaknesses.

There are a few other UK companies using it including Graph Skill (I think this is their name).

A good understanding of how true Open Source projects operate is very helpful as it is quite different to a traditional commercial software model and can seem quite alien. Unlike Odoo, I believe Frappe are wholly committed to their Open Source ideals to enhance and grow ERPNext from building a strong and independent community.

It’s late now but I’d be happy to discuss further if this is if use.


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On what basis so you make this statement? Thanks for your help.

Thanks, this is really useful. The open source model is fine, it’s just the training on the business process side of using a new system that we’re challenged by rather than any functionality issues so far - just don’t know how to do certain things.

We’ve been trying to use it for last 4 months and getting stuck so we’ve gone as far as we can by playing and trialling. I think it’s prob great from a developer perspective as the community is strong, but i’m not a developer and have different types of questions, hence being after a company who is using it successfully…

I am not a developer. The docs are sometimes ambiguous but didn’t stop me from implementation for my sister’s business in India (turn over of $0.7M). Now we are implementing for a furniture business in South Africa. Similar size but more complex manufacturing.

ERP is a complex software. You will have to spend 10-12 months getting familiar with the structure and design to be able to use it intuitively.

Finally not a single company uses 1 ERP for everything. All companies have invested in different softwares inspite of having same or similar functionalities and are trying to make them work together. This is a reality even is fortune 500 companies.

If the only thing you are not sure / don’t understand is how to do certain things : all and this community and forum is very helpful in guiding.

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Because as far as I know there is no UK Chart of Account available, so this would have to be created from scratch. Which is doable, but obviously is not so ready compared to other counties that have this

Well this is something I’ve heard many times and is true to a degree. There are a number of folk using this in the UK, but less than some other comparable countries.

There are also fewer active service providers in the UK. The folk I’ve seen listed I do not recall seeing participate in the forums of github issues. In fact a decent SP would be replying to you now I’m sure as they would be keen to win your business.

That said as @Deepak_Pai has pointed out you do not necessarily require a UK based SP. There are many excellent folk around the world who would be able to help too, probably at a lower cost too.

Just to make it clear I’m not a SP, and would probably not be able to help in the manner you require. That said please message me offlist and perhaps we can have a fuller conversation and I will see where I can help you :wink:

Ok now I feel daft - so have I managed to message you offlist? queue the community points and laughs…

Hi There

I’m a UK user of ERPNext in the UK based in Leeds. We’ve being using ERP to run our company for a couple of years now and would highly recommend it.

You have to set up your own chart of accounts anyway, there is no one size fits all for this. Your accountant will probably wan to be involved for this, but you would probably want to use the same as your current accounts package such as Xero or Sage.

We currently use ERP for the entire selling, buying and manufacturing modules and the business would not run without it now. We do also run Xero for the accounts as it has bank feeds and HMRC interfaces which any UK business needs.

So far the expenses module doesn’t work for us as it can’t handle VAT. Likewise we don’t use payroll.

I think the project module is ok but we can’t use it as our projects are to complicated.

The only thing I regret is we rushed the implementation, but I think if we didn’t we simply would of got on and used it.

The guys a Frappe have been very helpful and the email support is good.


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Good to hear from you David. Thanks for your post which I’m sure will be useful to @theterriergroup.

@theterriergroup you can reach me on joolsr1 @ nospam if you would like.

Hi David

That’s really encouraging to hear, thanks for the response. Would you be open to a phone call just to learn from how you implemented and how you get the best out of it?

Pls. dont hestiate to pm me as well. I can show you 1 or 2 implementation I have done.
If you want to have a test site for 1-2 weeks or so I can lend you one :slight_smile: before i destroy my sandbox. It is idle at the moment :smiley:Rather someone test it.

It is not 100% correct to say one needs to start from scratch for CoA for the UK. There is a standard chart of accounts as a very good base for any english speaking country where gravity holds good.

If you could share the UK version of CoA, I can spend some time and create one on the charts website so we have one less mental hurdle for the UK.

@Deepak_Pai Ok. I stand corrected. I was merely saying as you point out it is one small extra hurdle for UK users.

I don’t have a UK CoA I’m afraid so can’t help - can anyone else provide one?

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There is a lot of effort to make the ERPNext truly general purpose for all and in all countries.
To make a public statement which is not fact based (such as below) is not just unfortunate but hurts adoption and takes a lot of effort to overcome.

As as atonement project, could i give you a nice homework?
Write a one page essay on “Why ERPNext is a no brainer for UK SME ?” :slight_smile:

Or simple write “ERPNext is ideal for SMEs in UK 100 times on the board” :smiley:

Hope you take it with a pinch of salt, this…


taken as meant :wink: