ERPNext v.13.50 ruined the JV ledger on Frappe Cloud

After I have upgraded my bench and then the sites on that bench, some of the JV shows the ledger values as zero while the database shows the correct value. I want to revert back to a previous version “Hoping” will fix the issue.

For Example, I have JV-2022-01102 with a value of $75,751.79 but when I click on the “View Ledger” it shows 0 balance.

here is the Ledger View

Here is the table within the database

does anyone else face the same issue? now many JV randomly shows a 0 value on the General Ledger and the balance no longer showing the correct value in “GL”, Trail Balance and Accounts Receivables.

there is a fix for this issue in v13.50.1 . Already fixed.