ERPNext v.14 - Setup and Management on Local On Premise Server

I am new with ERPNext and trying out for the first time which is extremely a great feeling. I have followed the guide - [Guide] How to install ERPNext v14 on Linux Ubuntu (step-by-step instructions) - #82 by shashank_shirke and was able to install ERPNext into my on premise server perfectly.

However I want to clarify few more things.
After launching ERPnext on its final production, post that if we need to install additional extensions from frappe marketplace (for on premise I believe we need to install the same using the github repositaries provided for every module).

What would be the steps? Do we need to turn on the Maintenance Mode On and then install the modules?

Can anyone give me a standard workflow and steps to install/uninstall modules into ERPNext just like the installation steps mentioned in the linked guide.

Ideally what I am trying to achieve here is -

Install ERPNext on my local VM’s ubuntu 22.04 (I am using VMware Workstation Pro where I have a VM with Ubuntu 22.04).

Install all the customizations, adding module and testing and all and then after I am happy, I want to push this to a cloud server where I have Ubuntu 22.04 is setup. So that this can be publicly accessible.

How can I do this?
Help is appeciated…