ERPNext v10 comment crash Safari 13

Hi all,

when ERPNext v10 is used with Safari 13, as soon as a character is entered into the comment section, the browser crashes and needs to be restarted. Has someone else observed this? Is it the same in v12?

I have had a vaguely similar issue (described here) with an “@” in the comments, but not specific to Safari.
I’m also not a mac person, but I have seen several posts that indicate Safari is not “preferred”, and does give some hassles.
Hope this is of some use

I am having issues with Safari and erpnext v12 where I click on a select field or just a minute ago, try to type in the text editor field and the browser freezes completely and needs a restart.

LATE EDIT: This is happening since a couple of days ago.

We can observe the same issues (Safari browser crash) in v12, sometime only at opening at a Lead. Unfortunately no traces available…

Same issue, any comment box on any form.

Also same issue and unable to change status in a status box e.g. Warranty Claim

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Issue continues, out of the sudden you try to click on any field of any doctype and safari freezes.


Safari Version 13.0 (14608.1.49)

ERPNext: v12.1.4 (version-12)

Frappe Framework: v12.0.10 (version-12)

I don’t mean to be a dumbass with this question… but if Safari is consistently not working and doesn’t offer traces, why not just switch to Chrome/Chromium/Firefox?

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My employees are currently working with Chrome, obviously …

However, using Safari already for a long time has created a personal work flow … and me personally, I prefer Safari.

Hi @trentmu,

I fully agree with you (and indeed at the moment people are forced to use Firefox or Chrome). And while this is a workaround, I feel that it is not good to force people to do something (I guess free browser choice should be up to the end user). This is why I would like to understand this…


I am pretty sure it’s a temporary bug … my team is making a big fuss out of it but they will survive for a while.

Yeah - I guess mac people will always want mac software, whether it works 100% or not. :sunglasses:


Yes, we have also encountered this during the last week or so. And it happens only with those macs that have the Safari updated for the latest version. We have actually frozen the Safari updates for other colleagues due to this (obviously not a long term solution due to security concerns).

experiencing this but it seems to happen only when you click to email someone from lead or contact or quote etc.