ERPNext: v12.3.1 New DocType: DocType Action & DocType Link child table

As shown in the picture below, can anyone point out any documentation / guide that explain the functions & purposes of the below child tables in DocType?

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@Raymond_Liew, I found some documentation.

Seems like Actions are a way to inject some existing functionality as a button in that DocType’s view, whereas Links basically adds an option in that DocType’s dashboard.



Have you tried to link a Doctype from a child table?

Could you provide more info? Perhaps you can tell us what you are working on.

Strange that I don’t see these two child tables in v12.9.3 anymore. Are these removed?

I have some custom doctypes as working with frappe:


Warehouse Receipt: in this we need to add one or many packages
So i add a Table Multiselect: Warehouse Receipt Line this child doctype contains a Link to Package named package

So in Package Doctype in the LINKS section i create the following row:

Link DocType: Warehouse Receipt
Link FieldName: package

And in the details of the object i can see the link to a Warehouse Receipt List View successfully, works like a charm!

But what about this:

I have this two more doctypes
Shipment: this need to have one or many Warehouse Receipts
So i create a child table Shipment Line, with a Link to the Warehouse Receipt Doctype

So if I create a Shipment, with all his Warehouse Receipt, and that contains multiple Packages

I want to show on the Package detail view a link to see the shipment, as well as the warehouse Receipt

Apparently that query cannot be done from the “Links Section”


I’ve written documentation about DocType Actions here:

It’s quite extensive so I’ll just link to it here instead of reproducing the whole article.

I hope it is useful.

cc @Raymond_Liew


on what version of 12 can I see the action and Link section on the doctype?