ERPNext V12 Theme Customization

Hi there,

I’m trying to set up a nice working healthcare system. The setup of ERPNext was pretty straight forward and it operates very fast and smooth. I was wondering how to customize my dashboard, I cannot find and clear or detailed instruction on how to do this. I created an example of how I imagine it will look.

Some help would be highly appreciated :slight_smile:

Hello, welcome to ERPNext!

The desk customisations are limited in v12. You can show, hide or reorder cards. Check this link for v12 Desk customisations: Desktop

However, you get a lot more flexibility in the desk that comes with v13. You can customise your workspace, add charts and shortcuts for the doctypes you will visit the most and there is a sidebar which will help you switch modules quickly.
Check this thread to know more: Redesigning Desk

Also, the healthcare module has been refactored in v13 and we are constantly adding new functionality. It would be great if you could start using v13 to get the most out of the healthcare module as well as the flexible desk view!


Thanks for your super quick reply. I will take a look at the Beta version 1.

You mean version 3?

I was not aware that there was a version 3 released. I will look into this… Is there any time frame when the official V13 will be released?