ERPNext V12 to V13 Beta 3 migration issues

Hi, I’m facing an issue in ERPnext 13 beta 3

I have migrated the database from erpnext v12 to v13 beta 3.

the erpnext v12 was on another server, so I took the backup from that server and restored it into the v13 server.
The backup was done, and Erpnext v13 started working,
But when I try to create a sale order or sale invoice, I am not able to select any customer or any item,

The dropdowns just don’t work, I checked the inspector
These are the error I’m getting.

Also, I have already tried these steps also.

bench update
bench setup requirements
bench migrate
bench build
bench clear-cache

In the above Image, Item field is not working

Please Help!!!

Hi ERPNext experts :slight_smile:

Until now we are not able to fix the current issue we are facing with this version of ERPnext. It would be highly appreciated if someone could assist us with solving this problem.

Thanks in advanced :smile:

Found the fix, I just switched frappe to branch version-13-beta and ran

branch update --patch

and it fixed the issue…