ERPNext v13 Postgres Installation

Hello Team,
I have installed Frappe/Erpnext v13 (Production) on our server. I am trying to connect it with Cloud PostrgreSQL. I have installed Frappe and while Installing erpnext application I am getting below error.

psycopg2.errors.InvalidColumnReference: for SELECT DISTINCT, ORDER BY expressions must appear in select list
LINE 5: order by “tabDocType”.“modified” DESC

Can somebody please help me with this?

Thanks in advance…


ERPNext doesn’t support Postgres yet, only the framework does:


That reply is from 2019, and the git hub suggests that things are actually progressing. Not saying you or the reply is wrong–except with its specific numbers, which are presumably (hopefully) less by now.

According to the official repos the backend framework and the erpnext-worker packages both support postgresql.

Is there a list or a way to search out the offending queries? I know sql fairly well but need to improve my postgresql specifics, and i think if i had a list of queries to convert it would be like 3 goal-shaped birds with one project-shaped stone. Unfortunately i dont know how to determine which queries are valid for pg.

ERPNext images are based on Frappe images.
That makes them inherit all the options Frappe images have. It still mentions on the shared link that PostgreSQL not supported by ERPNext.

What I can think of to find queries,

  1. Search for usage of frappe.db.sql()
  2. Run Mariadb tests with PostgreSQL as db (will need tweaks to run the tests)