ERPNext v13 Purchase Invoice Item rate unable to be above 999

Good Day,

I am running ERPNext v13.28.0 with Frappe Framework v13.28.0 (dockerized)

I recently upgraded from ERPNext: v12.3.1 (version-12) with Frappe Framework: v12.1.0 (version-12).

Migrated the site as documented, etc.

Now when creating a Purchase Invoice and adding the Items, when putting the Rate for the item, any amount above 999.00 changes by its self when focus leaves the field.

eg. Rate: 999, then press [TAB] Rate changes to 999.00,
Rate: 9999, then press [TAB], Rate changes to 9.00.

I have also created a brand new company from scratch on v13 and there I do not experience this at all.

Please can someone help me soon. I have done comparisons between the two companies settings, currency, rounding, etc and can’t see a difference.

Any help to resolve this will be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards
Christo Boucher

Can’t reproduce this, do you have some customization on your site maybe?

is 9.0 specified item price? Are there any pricing rules specified?

Hi Ankush,

Yes we have some customisations on the site, both the migrated site and the brand new site have the same customisations.

I have checked the customizations from 1 to the other and they all look correct.

is 9.0 specified item price? Are there any pricing rules specified?
Correct. The 999, the 9999 and the 9.00 is the item price.

Thanx for your response.
I hope this can be resolved.


Hello Christo

Have you been able to solve this issue?

I might have encountered this bug and solved it with an upgrade, in your case with many customisations I would try a migrate, bench restart and a bench clear-cache on the affected site.

Another test is to rule out a cached script glitch by using another browser.

Hi Adam,

I have not been able to resolve this yet.

We are running v13 in a docker setup.

Could you assist with the bench clear-cache, bench restart methods for the Docker Setup.

We obviously migrated from v12 to v13 and with all the customizations that we have, there could be something causing this, however, a new company created with the same customizations add to the new company, it does not do this.

I did however try on a different browser, even on a different person’s PC with their login does the same.

I am going to do an ERPNext and Frappe upgrade to the lastest images, do a migrate on each company and then will if that solves the problem.

Thanx Adam

This is also occurring when doing customer journals.

@adam26d I have done the ERPNext and Frappe upgrade to the Images:

Rebuilt the YML file and migrated all the companies once ERPNext was on the New Version.

The problem was not resolved.

Then ran the bench --site clear-cache which also did not resolve the issue.

This issues experienced on My PC and a Colleagues PC.

Please can you give me some pointers as to how to resolve this issue?


Please could someone assist with this issue.
Its becoming a major problem.

This is happening on all forms, including new journal entry

You have to change the number and date format as in my settings…