Erpnext v13 wkhtmltopdf formation problem

I have a problem with my printlayout in Erpnext v 13 build 13.18.0 wkhtmltopdf 0.12.5 (with patched qt).
I have created a custom printlayout and have set a picture as background.
The table with my text I have given a higher z-index in the style attribute.
That works in the preview fine but in the pdf generation the background image is show on the highest layer.
To solve the problem I have made following changes but nothing works:
Add the host_name property in the site config
bench setup nginx
service nginx restart

Someone have an idea to solve the problem?

Have someone an idea or have questions to resolve the problem?

@erpnextuser2022 Hey Max, can you post a snippet of the print format? There’s a good chance that its related to some of the HTML pre-processing going on in That and wkhtmltopdf isn’t based on any specific browser implementation, it’s its own thing. In the last six years of ERPNext development there isn’t anything that has been half as frustrating or as low-return-per-effort as getting PDFs to render correctly. But I’ll try to help.

we have exactly same problem, now trying to find a solution, will update any progress later.

Hast du mal wkhtmltopdf (with patched qt) versucht?
Ist etwas neuer.