ERPNext v14 KSA Report showing zero values

KSA VAT Report showing zero values.
Is it bug in version 14 or I am missing something.

Tax Detail Report

Dear @hafiz4saqib
You have to set the Item tax template in Item group. Then it will show in the vat report

@ErpnextRaja happy to see your reply. :blush:
Could you share screen shot for tax template from item group.

Values are zero`s even after add VAT according to your screenshot.

There are two points you have to note.
1.The invoice which you made earlier will not show in tax after making this step. You have to make the invoice Again.
2.The items in the invoice must be in this product group. or set tax template for all item group.

@ErpnextRaja again thank you for your sincerity!
The cause of the trouble has been found. :sweat_smile:
Earlier VAT 15% was missing from Sale & Purchase accounts.

Now! :star_struck: