ERPNExt V14 Portal Permission Problems

Goal: Allow a Customer to view Project, Quotes, Invoices, Subscriptions from the Portal.

Requirements: Customer role should not have Desk access

When testing, I am running into the following problem. I have a User which is tied to a Customer. The Customer role does not have Desk access (Which I believe makes it a Website User). Logging into the portal works fine. If I disable Desk Acces, the user has access to all the standard links (Projects, Quotes, etc.). The user can view a quote, however, it does not see any projects. If I add on the particular project ID as a query parameter the user does see the project; user just can’t see the list of projects.

The project was created and the customer the user belongs to was assigned as the Customer.

If I modify the Customer Role to allow Desk access, things change. Once I do that, the user can no longer view Quotes, Invoices, Orders (Permission Denied). The user can still access the Project list page, but nothing is showing up.

If I manually share the project with the user (which I can only do if the user has Desk access) the project does show up in the portal.

I’ve read up on this as a problem but have not found the solution.

Can anybody recommend further troubleshooting steps or possible solutions to this problem. I’m wondering if there is a bug in how the portal projects query is working.

Hi @robertdown,

→ Double-check Role Permissions: Ensure that the Customer role has appropriate read access to projects, quotes, invoices, and other relevant modules.
->Check Portal Settings: Verify that the necessary modules are enabled for the Customer role in the portal settings.
->Verify Customer-Project Link: Confirm that the customer assigned to the project is linked correctly and that the project’s “Customer” field matches the customer associated with the user.
→ Review Role Permissions for Other Modules: Set up proper permissions for modules like Quotes, Invoices, and Orders when enabling Desk access for the Customer role.
->Test with a Different User: Create a new user with the Customer role to determine if the issue is user-specific or configuration-related.
→ If ERPNext is not updated, then please update it, perhaps problem solve.

If the above steps don’t resolve the problem, then customization is required to solve the issue.
I hope this helps.

Thank You!

→ Double-check Role Permissions
If I do the following setup, the customer can see the list of projects, but they see all projects on the list, though attempting to view details results in a auth error. However, a customer should not see all projects in the system, only ones where they’ve been linked.

If I toggle “Only if Creator” we are back to no projects viewable.

→ Check Portal Settings
Portal settings look good

→ Verify Customer-Project Link
Linked correctly

→ Review Role Permissions for Other Modules
Role Permission for Customer on Quotation actually has no permissions set, yet the portal still works as expected

→ Test with a Different User
Problem exists with multiple users

→ If ERPNext is not updated, then please update it
Up to date

I disagree that customization would be required to accomplish the goal. Rather, this would be a bug in the framework that should be resolved as I am trying to accomplish a standard process that is working for other modules.

Follow these steps if you are still unable to solve it:

Settings>Portal Settings>check box for hide standard menu
Settings>Portal Settings>default role = customer
Settings>Portal Settings>scroll down and create custom menu items, like:

Next, go to ROLE LIST:
Locate the customer role in the list.
Uncheck “desk access”

That’s it…