ERPNEXT v14 Sidebar

Hi, im new in ERPNEXT, currently im installed with ERPNEXT v14.2.0 using cloudclusters.

I’m facing a challenge with the sidebar menu, how can i edit or create a custom sidebar for my users.

Example, i have a role with Store Manager, the menu available to him should be only :

  1. Stock
  2. Buying

How can i create a custom section “Store Manager” and put this 2 modules under it, i can only create My Workspace, which is personalize to specific user, but i want to make the menu to relative user by specific role

Also, how can i hide the public menu?

Can you show what modules are allowed to this role?
It should be restricted in accordance with the modules that you’ve allowed to a user

This user is admin user, it allowed for all modules

i can hide some module to show in menu by disable here, but how can i create a custom section of menu for specific role


Store Manager

  • Stock
  • Buying

Sales Admin

  • CRM
  • Selling

Something like this, but this is in v13, im searched the official document, no related topic is found, only the custom workspace and workspace page.

as far as i know there is no simple solution to that. you can restrict the roles and users to specific modules and doctypes ( read / write / create / … ), but then in the aftermatch it is almost horrific to go through all the dependencies of each doctype per role and the dependent doctypes and it is a cascading chain of doctypes…

setting it up is possible though i am not sure to what degree of perfection …