ERPNext v14: Suggestions for next version, if any!

I recently installed v14 ERPNext instance on a test server. I took some to check out major changes and other fixes. I really liked many things the development team has taken care of. I’d like to discuss/suggest some minor issues that I believe does good to the whole community and ERPNext as a whole.

  1. One problem I had faced in v13 (that has been solved in v14) is print format. In v13 there was less leverage with using an image letter head and its flexibility. The PDF output preview looked good but the generated PDF always put extra margin on the top.
    See the first image (preview in erpnext)

    See Second Image (pdf output)

    Compare the margin at top, left and right.
    Also, check the text flow. The “For:” section wraps to two lines in PDF output while it is seen in single line in the preview.

  2. Issues in Gantt chart, Projects module. (I have not checked how it performs in v14, yet.)
    I had encountered error in Gantt chart as well. The usage is not simple and moving tasks is not user friendly.
    Lets focus on the “Site Clearance” task. I have set it to end on 14th April midnight; on the start of the 15th April.

    But once I hit refresh button on the top right (in the second image) or close the window and reopen it later, the time changes.

    I can see randomness in this time after each time I manually set new time and refresh; sometimes by days. I don’t know if I am using it wrong or is this really a glitch. I had even posted a question in this forum about this issue. Got no response from anyone, though.

  3. I had faced another issue with v13, which I have not tested in v14. I had posted about the issue here.

  4. Populating receivers list from all contacts in SMS center does not populate 100% of the contacts but only about 30/35% of them.

There are so many other minor issues in v13, which it would be great if they got fixed. The problem with endusers (like me) is that we can not always seek for paid help for minor bug fixes. It would be great if the development team took interest in fixing such smaller bugs that matter.

Out of the above issues I mentioned, the first one seems to be fixed with the new print format builder. I have still to check other issues.

There are a lot of things that could be done to fine tune ERPNext. Here, I am not talking about new features, or features that would only be beneficial to me but the issues that could help everyone using this platform. It would increase the value of ERPNext.

So, in the next version: v15 of ERPNext, I suggest the development team focus on improving user experience (like they did in v14) more than ever. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Create a form where users can suggest on minor errors they encountered, besides the existing error reporting, where normal users can report errors easily.
  2. Look into the bug fixes, correction, lighten up ERPNext, modularize the whole system even further. They did a great job with converting some modules into app in v14. This should go further.
  3. I think users currently need more improvements than newer features. ERPNext already has enough features, if only all of them would correctly as intended.
  4. I really wish the cheque printing template had cheque paper size that could be selected. I wish the cheque printing template would correctly (I have never been able to print cheques correctly.).

There could be some more suggestions from experts in this field. I’d love to hear from you.

Good day.

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