ERPNext v14 update error

had successfully installed v14 on ubuntu 22 and was running fine
i had almost finished data entry into items master, setup warehouses and chart of accounts
pdf was working fine… summarily v14 was working all fine and had done bench updates without error
but today all of a sudden, i get this error on bench update

iam really stuck
i spent close to month getting the v14 ready and another month to enter my data
could somebody please help me resolve this issue
any help will be appreciated
thanks and regards


Try: bench setup supervisor , then bench restart

Hi Smino
Tried as you adviced
still the same

This below image is the beginning of the above error
when i pasted that image, i missed out on the first few line



There has been a recent change in the branching and versioning of India Compliance.
I hope this helps you.

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Hi Smit_Vora
Thanks for the tip
You might be pointing at the right direction
because all my previous backups too failed when updated
any idea how to move further?
or should i abandon my present installation and make a fresh one?
any leads would be highly appreciated
With regards

It already has instructions on how to proceed.
No need to make a new installation.

will the above procedure hold good for production environment?
thanks and regards

Yes, it will.

Dear Smit_Vora
the above post worked like charm
my updates went thru successfully
Thanks a lot for your help
With Regards
Thanks again

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