ERPNext V14 vs. V15 which one to choose right now

Hi everybody,
we are new to frappe and ERPNext and we would like to get the opinion of the community on which version of ERPNext to setup using Frappe Cloud. Our company is based in Europe so we might need some additional apps to comply with our region.
V14 seems better tested and offering a bigger app selection (currently)
V15 on the other hand brings some new apps which are interesting as well

Ideally a mixed mode would be the right setup. For instance, having a V15 Frappe Bench with a V14 ERPNext installed. To my knowledge this not possible though. Or are we missing something?

We would be very happy to hear some opinions or thoughts on how we can make a good decision.

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Hi @thefox ,

I’ll answer your 2nd question first. Each major version of ERPNext depends on the exact same major version of Frappe Framework.

  • v14 ERPNext runs on v14 Frappe
  • v15 ERPNext runs on v15 Frappe.

Mixing up the versions is not possible.

As for your first question. The community tends to be extremely pro-upgrade. “Upgrade early and often” is the typical mantra.

In my own opinion, it’s difficult to say whether v15 is sufficiently stable/mature. It was released October 20th of this year. Long enough? :man_shrugging: Maybe, maybe not. Only way to find out is to try…

I’m not familiar with Frappe Cloud, so cannot speak as to App availability between versions.


I also have exactly the same question and was looking for some expert opinion. Thanks @brian_pond for the calculated suggestion.

However, I personally prefer stability more over new features. And two factors, I feel like taking into considerations.

  1. Stability of versions: The estimation of stability of two versions of any software can be made to a great extent by looking at the number of bug fixes in release note of every new release of a particular version. I have been following the release of V15 for quite some time and see that every version 15 new release carry an average of 30-40 minor and major fixes, which is actually a not ignorable . It makes me quite suspicious about v15’s current state of stability. I believe, with time, it will only improve.

While v14 new releases now carry lesser number of bug fixes. Might be also because team is focusing more on v15. But v14 has been in used in the market for a long time now and certainly is time tested and logically more stable.

  1. New patch release interval: It is critical to know how actively new patches with bug fixes are released for any newly launched major version of the software. I see quite frequently fixes are released for v15. So that makes me convincing that, new product is on path of greater stability and will soon get so in future. ERPNext Releases

However, that’s going to be in future but currently it may have stability issues which are being continuously fixed and released with these rapid releases with many bug resolutions. So, I would prefer sticking with v14 as of now. And as I have read in a few places that, there is an easy migration path from v14 to v15, so one can always upgrade to v14 later when v15 gets more stable. And a few months down the line, help resources on migration also would be available in more abundance as many people would have already done so or would be in process to do so.


More Apps are departing from ERPNext like Lending App. It makes the sofware leaner. So, I will go for V15, print designer App opens many possibility to explore the print-outs. I am not seeing forward any issues that can make you stopper. So far that is my experience with previous releases.

depends on the features which you need to use
if you need only basic feature, go with v15
for complex business and unstopable should use v14

It depends on the use case and preferences. V15 is in my opinion a big improvement in terms of quality of life upgrades and especially a lot of changes regarding the connectivity with other apps is a big improvement. In the first two months V14 was more stable, but in my opinion V15 is now definitely stable enough to choose for that version.

I agree with @brian_pond in terms of it is difficult to say which version is more stable and that trying out is the only way to actually find out.

Is your use case a basic system with as less maintenance as possible? Or do you want a very customized system? Those are considerations you should take into account when deciding for the version.

I would personaly choose V15 as your new with Frappe. in my opinion, the consideration for versions is a different choice as a new company compared to a company that is already running V14 and considering upgrading. One day, you have to upgrade anyways so as a company that is new with this platform I should go for the most recent version.