ERPNext v15 - Confusion concerning "fetch from" feature in "Customize Form"

Hey guys,
I’m trying to find a solution for pre-filling some Timesheet fields when creating one from the"+"-icon in the project view.
Perhaps the topics in this issue are a bit mushed together, because our production system uses v14 and – because we want to migrate – the dev system uses v15.

Reason for this issue: (this is related to v14)
My colleague told me, that the feature – pre-filling Customer and Project fields in a newly created Timesheet from within a Project’s view – worked some versions ago, but stopped at some point.

A logical solution, for me, would be to customize the Timesheet form and use “fetch from” on the fields that need pre-filling. Although following the descriptions/documentation I can’t seem to make it work.

So I tried to achieve the same in the dev instance (this is v15). To my surprise the interface looks very different. I like the approach with the context related dropdowns for “fetch from”. Unfortunately I can’t wrap my head around the selections I get offered.

The Timesheet DocType has the Link fields “company”, “customer” and “parent_project”, which respectedly link to the DocTypes “Company”, “Customer” and “Project”. If i want to pre-fill those fields, I would expect, to be able to select the DocType (e.g.: “Customer”) and the field (e.g.: “name” or “customer_name”). Unfortunately I can’t select the “Customer” DocType on the customer field.

I’m sure there is a reason why, but I can’t see it. Unfortunately I can’t find documentation related to v15 either.

Can someone explain to me the logic behind the “fetch from” and how to achieve the pre-filling feature? Any help highly appreciated.


Hi @belowtoxic,