ERPNext v15 Issue with E-Mail randomly

Hello everyone,

i have a strange issue with my ERPNext Server Version 15 and sending E-Mails.

I can´t send e-mails within ERPNext anymore. It stop working randomly.
I can´t see any logs or errors. Normally I see the status Sent or Error above the e-mail. But in this case, I don’t see anything.

If i Backup the Erpnext Data and restore the Server to an older backup where e-mail has working and restore the ERPNext Data it works again?!

Then after a while i have the same problem…?!

Can anyone please help me or have similar problems?


Update Now i get an error does anyone know how to fix this?

with bench get-app erpnext --branch version-15 i have solved this issue but send any e-mail with erpnext doesn´t work

This issue still persist… I monitor my Server and see a notification about storage size will soon be full and now the disk space used is less than yesterday.

I have checked worker.log file and see some information like this:

2024-04-09 19:44:07,776 Cleaning registries for queue: nameoferpnextserver-frappe-bench:default

Could the problem be related to this?

this log entry has only existed for a few days, before that I couldn’t find it.



It may help to describe the hosting environment. If the problem doesn’t occur after a backup is restored, what triggers the problem - an upgrade , or a configuration change? Or are there errors in the background filling up storage until things can’t work at all? If you empty the error logs and email queue does it start working for awhile? And what sort of error messages do the those logs contain?

Some help with logs can be found here: