ERPNext v15: Unable to rename any documents on fresh instance

I have a fresh installation of frappe/ERPNext. I did a manual installation:
OS: Ubuntu 22.04
Python: 3.10.12
Redis: v6 (on host)
MariaDB: 11.3.2 (Docker)

Running ERPNext via bench start

Hovering over a document’s name changes the cursor, indicating it is clickable, but nothing happens when doing so.

Expected behaviour:
Clicking on the name opens a dialogue to change it.

If that behaviour was changed from v14 to v15, I would expect a function/option in a menu to allow the renaming. Wasn’t able to find that either.

Hope someone can help.

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If you haven’t migrate the site then migrate it and bench build --force and check it.

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Thanks a ton! Works now! (… and I was so shure I did that step :smiley: )