Erpnext v5 and setup-wizard selecting language

I have installed V5 of Erpnext.
Installed Icelandic language is.csv for both erpnext and frappe.
Modified the languages.txt two files.
But when the wizard starts after admin login I can not select Íslenska (Icelandic)
I did a pull request with the V4 files, do I need to do it again for V5?
bench frappe --build did not help.

Hi bjarni.
I think you use “bench restart” and restart OS system.

Thanks you JackLe,
I can now select the language.
Another question.
On the server where ERPNext is installed there is a directory:
This directory includes several Chart of Accounts.
But when I ran the Wizard the only Chart of Accounts that could be selected is “Standard”.
Also when I go to ERPNext/Setup/Chart of Accounts/Menu/New Company
On this page there is a selection field “Chart of Accounts”
I can only select Standard.
What do I have to do to be able to select another Chart of Accounts that is available in the above mentioned directory?

Hi bjarni.
I know .
Firt. You have to change default setting Chart of accounts in file /apps/erpnext/erpnext/accounts/doctype/account/chart_of_accounts/
You change line 100 :
charts.append(“Standard”) to
then, Bench restart . bench frappe --build
Then. You change country in setting/global settings
then. You add new Company , Now you can select another Chart of Accounts.

There is no separate chart of account for country “Iceland”, that’s why there is only one option “Standard”.
May be you can contribute the chart for your country. Check other chart for reference.

The charts for many other countries is also partly completed, need help from community to complete them. Some days ago, I have posted a topic regarding this, Help Needed: Country wise Chart of Accounts

I’m Sorry. I’m mistake. I try to repair it.
Jack Le.

Thank so much nabinhait.

Yes I was expecting this answer.
I have looked at the message you posted and most of the charts of accounts that work is being done on.
They are good foundation for us to construct charts of accounts for Iceland.
I will submit when we complete.
Thanks for your help.

Thank guy,
I created successful a chart of accounts for Viet Nam.
Jack Le.