ERPNext v5 Service tax calculation issue


If i’m not wrong service tax 14% of INR 1,54,000/- should be INR 21,560 but system is showing INR 18,480/-. Service tax is configured on “Net total”. Screenshot for ref.


Above issue I observed in a instance which is migrated from V4 TO V5(Hosted version). Whereas I have fresh V5 installation which I did on 10th June, service tax calculation shows correctly. Screenshot of fresh V5 instance for ref.



Please check Item master if another rate has been defined for the same tax account. Tax rate defined in the item master gets preference over tax defined in the transaction itself.

Item master has not any associated tax value. In V4, there is a default entry of Service tax with 12%, wrong values comes when you update 12% to 14% and save. Usually, if field is getting modified then system should show correct value instead of value with 12%.

When I created new chart of account “Service tax” under “Tax and duties” with 14%, values showing correctly even in v4 upgraded instance.