- how to use?

have downloaded the and want to start it on a server which is a qemu/kvm host. Can anybody guide me what practically has to be done?

I have pretty little vagrant knowledge so far but I guess I have to teach vagrant to use qemu as ‘provider’ (assuming the box is designed to use VirtualBox).

Honestly I wouldn’t even know how to add the box (not coming from the standard box repositories).

Nest question … is this practically the same thing you get when deploying the current VirtualBox .ova files?

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Hi, there are a lot of guides on what is Vagrant and how you can setup and use it

Here are some :

to add the vagrant box would I say …

  • vagrant box add \local\path\

… or rather directly deploy it from the online location with

  • vagrant box add ?

Yes, use the local path for the vagrant box.

After doing vagrant ssh, I get asked for password.

What’s the password?

Edit: The Vagrant box (June 16, 2019) shows username: frappe, password: password. However, in reality the real password is frappe. So the box is showing inaccurate information now.