ERPNext version 14: GST Taxes are not being auto-loaded in Purchase & Sales Order

Hello everyone,

I have been trying to resolve this issue where taxes pre-configured for items are not loading automatically when the item is added in the Purchase or Sales Order in ERPNext version 14 using GST India Compliance.

Is the India Compliance for GST ready out of the box to handle this or we have to make certain configuration to get it to work?

I have tried many things by following other threads and asking for help but still no luck in receiving any response from anyone. Not sure if it’s due to version 14 being new and not being used by many yet.

If someone can please help or direct me to a document where I would really appreciate it. All I want is to have the taxes auto loaded and calculated on a Purchase or Sales Order for different taxes on different items. Based on the out the box setting it appears GSTs are only preconfigured for 18% but that still doesn’t work too.

Here is how all the various screens related to tax configuration look like:

Chart of Accounts:
Input Tax:

Output Tax:

Purchase Taxes & Charges Template: (Only 18% present)

Tax Category:

Item tax Template: (Note the Split in the 18% into In and Out was done by me to see if that works after reading a thread. That didn’t work either)

Item tax:

With the above configuration, I do not see 18% being pulled in as Tax when I create a purchase order using that item code.

What am I missing? Can someone please shed some light to this issue? Is this working for anyone in the community? Or this is a common issue with version 14? I didn’t have this issue in version 13. The gst india compliance might have needed features but it makes it extremely confusing for such common functionality.


Please set the tax category in Item Master.

After then, reload (Ctrl + Shift + R) and check it.

Thank You!

Thanks for the quick response. I tried that, still no luck.

Purchase Order:

Hi @pradpreeonline,

Can you add a tax category in the customer master?
If not added then add it and check it.

Thank You!

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I added the Tax Category in the Supplier Master as I am creating a Purchase Order. After adding I see “In-State” automatically pulled in to the “tax Category” of Purchase order without any Tax number or percentage.

Supplier Master:

Purchase Order:

If for any reason this would have worked, then also that may not resolve the issue as there are times when I receive purchase invoices where there are multiple GST taxes on individual items on the same invoice and from same supplier. I want the tax percentage to be dependent on items and not supplier.


Hi @pradpreeonline,

# Version
ERPNext: v14.20.0 (version-14)
Frappe Framework: v14.30.0 (version-14)
India Compliance: v14.5.0 (version-14)

It’s worked on my side.

Please check the video.

Thank You!

Hi @NCP ,

I see you created a sales order and the logic could be same for purchase order and I get that. Now say I want to create a purchase order/receipt that has 5%, 12% and 18% items on the same invoice. How can we do that?

When Tax is pulled in based on the Supplier or Customer, then that tax will be applied for all the items, right? In my case I want different taxes on the same purchase order and that’s what I am finding difficulties in doing.

Here is an example of a purchase order with multiple taxes that have on version 13 and I am not sure how we can accomplish that in version 14.

Screenshot from From version 13:

I have another instance of erpnext 14 running on a different server and I have it setup the way yours is setup but that doesn’t help as I want multiple taxes on the same order/invoices and if one tax (say 18%) is pulled in as soon as the supplier or customer is selected then how can I add other items with different taxes?

Version 13 in action:


Hi @NCP, Any idea how this could be done in ERPNext 14?

Hi @NCP , Just following up with you to see if you could help me with this configuration? It’s bit urgent for me to setup the GST so that data for Purchase and Sales Order can be entered into the system.

Thanks for your time in advance.

Currently, I haven’t idea about it but when we will try then will check it.

Thank You!

OK, thanks @NCP.
Anyone in the community that can help here please? I am not sure if this is a known issue with ERPNext 14 or it’s configuration that I am missing on my instance.
It’s very common to have the Item Tax setup this way as one invoice can have multiple Taxes for multiple items. I am not sure who to contact now. So tagging the people I have worked with before. @JayRam @revant_one @szufisher @Manan_Shah . Apologies for bothering you with this but just want some directions and confirm if this is a known issue.