ERPNEXT Version 14 issues

I have installed latest ERPNEXT version 14 . But HR Module Missed from it and besides I am not able to change the domain i only see Retail and Manufacturing.

in ERPNext 14, you should install HR module independently.

bench get-app hrms

bench --site site1.local install-app hrms


How can we add the domain i only see retail and manufacturing

Domain comes from individual modules.
For example healthcare comes if you add app healthcare and education if you add education app and so on.

Due to recent changes in the hrms app, the correct command to get the app is bench get-app hrms --branch version-14. the previous command will not work with the latest version 14 update.

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where we can add those app as far as i knew those apps are out of the box on ERPNEXT earlier versions .i.e you can activate or deactivate them

Search in frappe cloud and there you can find the website information about individual app.
for eg

i am not saying about the specific apps that i can install but i am referring the domain below i did not installed manufacturing or retail apps individually

Hey @mak . If I understood what @gsarunk said, apps determine domains. For instance, the installation of the healthcare app gives you the healthcare domain, while the installation of the education app gives you the education domain, and so forth.

Once you install the relevant apps (such as education), the education domain will appear.

The manufacturing and retail apps (or domains) seem to be installed by default as part of the base ERPNext v14.

@mak, if you are looking for HR Module, you just need to install the app and since it is “belongs to” erpnext so you will not see any new domain added under Domain Settings

but let’s say you install “Education” app, you will see new “Education” option under Domain Settings