ERPNext Version 14 - Please explain new comment structure for Leads & Opportunities

Hello everybody,

I just completed my update from version 13 to 14 and noticed that comments are now handled differently for Leads and Opportunities by using a new child DocType ‘CRM Notes’. I have the following questions:

  • Why was this change implemented? Whats the benefit of having the comments in this new tab instead of the timeline at the bottom of the document?
  • Why was this only changed in Lead and Opportunity and not every DocType? Now it is confusing for users where they can find the comments.
  • Is it possible to change it back to the regular timeline?
  • Is it possible to change other DocTypes to the new comment structure?

Many thanks in advance for any clarification!

Just found the corresponding pull request:

Maybe the author nabinhait is able to chime in.

I have the same question. I’m migrating from a different CRM system to ERPNext and it took me a while to figure out ‘CRM Note’ exists separately from ‘Comment’. What’s the benefit of this distinction?