ERPnext Version 15 on Cloud to use Print Designer

Dear All,
I want to use print designer on cloud, but it supports only version 15.
Any suggestions? and any idea when V15 will be available for cloud users.


Same question here :v:

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@ramalyb @Harry v15 Bench are available on the Frappe Cloud now.
please check them and if you find any issue please let me know.

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Hi @maharshivpatel thank you for the information, Im a basic level user of ERPNext and i tried installing it. but it showing no sites availble for install eventhoug i have runining sites.

Could you please explain?
Thank you.

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Yesterday I created a new site on Frappe Cloud and V15 was available.

V15 is also available on bench.

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Hi. im not an expert in Frappe or ERPNext so i need some support to install it on my existing site which is running Frappe Framework and ERPNext V15. whenever i try installing it it shows no site available. i have the basic subscription of 10$/m, so is that the problem, since im testing it i didnt go for a larger subscription.