ERPNext Version 15 Upgrade

Hello House. I have an ERP Next 14 set to be deployed this week. Is it advisable to upgrade at once to version 15 before deployment?

I did some customization via customize forms, will I lose those customization on upgrade?

Is there anything I should be wary of should I opt to upgrade to version 15?

Thank you all.

This depends a lot on your appetite. Version 15 will probably still see a lot of changes, while I’d expect v14 to be more mature and calm now.

Customizations (custom fields, client scripts, etc.) are usually saved in the database and will survive the upgrade.

Yes, there are some breaking changes. Here’s a list:

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Thank you very much for this. I will stay with V14 for now.

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Right Choice



Can anyone guide how to upgrade from V 14 to V15, with commands.


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Create a new v15 setup anywhere (different server, Frappe Cloud, your desktop, …) and restore a full backup (including files and site config) of your v14 site into it.


And then… bench migrate


Can this be done on the same server? I mean create v15 on the same server and then restore a full backup?

Thank you for this.

Yes, it can be done, but I’d prefer a fresh setup. If you’re staying on the same server, you’ll have to deal with major OS upgrades as well as managing multiple major versions of the dependencies (node, python, …).

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Thank you very much. I understand better now.

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Important to make sure that all components are at the correct version first.

# Also see 
echo "See  a08689fcd296"

# Function to check versions and display results
check_version() {
    current_version=$($1 --version)
    echo "$1 current version is $current_version"
    echo "$1 required version is $required_version"
    echo "********************************************************************"

# Check Python version
check_version "python" "3.11.4"

# Check npm node-sass version
check_version "npm node-sass -v" "v8.18.1"

# Check Node.js version
check_version "node --version" "v20.17.0"
echo "See"
echo "********************************************************************"

# Check npm version
check_version "npm --version" "9.8.1"

# Check MariaDB version
check_version "mariadb --version" "mariadb Ver 15.1 Distrib 10.6.7-MariaDB"

# Check Yarn version
check_version "yarn --version" "1.22.19"

# Check npm node-sass version again
check_version "npm node-sass -v" "9.8.1"

# Check pip3 version
check_version "pip3 --version" "23.0.2"

# Check pip version
check_version "pip --version" "23.0.2"

# Check Redis server version
check_version "redis-server --version" "7.0.16"

# Check wkhtmltopdf version
check_version "wkhtmltopdf -V" "0.12.6"

# Check Git version
check_version "git --version" "2.39.1"

Thank you very much. These points you’ve listed are all very important.

I want to upgrade my erpnext version 10 to version 15, can it be done?

Yes it can be done but it is an arduous process. you have to upgrade in this order 10 → 11 → 12 → 13 → 14 → 15. You can’t jump versions as each version has significant changes to database schema so you need the patch for each major version to update your database schema.

@reynald_nnoch , @flexy2ky suggested the way will work but you have to upgrade Linux and their dependencies as well. this will be challenging for you.