ERPNext Version 7 Release Presentation


Congratulation! Can’t wait to try the new features.

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Would it be possible to have a bulleted list of the new features coming in v7?

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Awesome, ERPNext Team great work!! :smile:

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Here you go



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Really wonderful work everyone! The features in v7 are certainly useful and I must say the project really has matured over the past few years.


Million Thanks to Awesome Core Team and all Contributors of this vibrant community! :slight_smile:


Great presentation, and great system. The last 5 minutes made me happy! I am one of those guys who like to have all features in the core systems rather than having fragmented apps and fiddling with connecting them together.

I think one important addition that is still needed is milestone billing, or in other words, multiple invoices for the same Sales Order. This is important for any company working on projects, or having to deal with partial deliveries, or milestone linked payments.

You are doing a great job so far.



Great one. Thanks to the team, cant wait to test it out

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Great job! Had been waiting for months.

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Is the virtual image for download updated as well?

Great work guys, this is the future of ERP!!

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Hi yashodhan

My organisation wants to upgrade from ERPNext v4 to v8. Could you please let me know how much it would cost approximately in USD?

oh boy! I guess that was not the smartest idea to sit on v4 for such a long time.

I think generally you’d always strive to be on the newest release as soon as you can manage. In difference to other products on the market I think (please correct me if I am wrong) that the previous version of ERPNext does not receive any fixes or updates from the day a new version sees the light.

I guess this might be a trade off between a perfect world and limited developer resources. I could imagine that at a certain point in time some might maintain an officially ‘old’ version at least for a certain amount of time to give everybody a chance to keep up with customization or custom Apps to be ported.

That’s going to be a rough process. I would post a job at

Thanks felix

I should now be posting it on jobs. However, we are still stuck at initiation and it was out of my curiosity to get a rough idea about upgrade pricing. Can you suggest approx cost?

Depends on if you have any customizations. If you dont have any customizations, the process will be smoother. Maybe 5-10 hours of actual technical work. The major portion of the non-technical work will be to ensure that your workflows are still applicable in the new version - there have been regressions in certain areas.

If you have customizations, then it will be more difficult, and cost will depend on extent of customizations.

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