Erpnext version 7 upgrade

after upgrade erpnext version 7, i am unable to login by user: administrator and password: admin, please support

Please post the error message you are getting from the console log.

no error message, in Internet explorer, when i type administrator and admin, and click login button but no result and in google chrome, when i click on login button, do not show field for login id and password

please suggest command, to check console log in erpnext, at present my path is frappe@erpnext:~$

I would try these -
clear the caches,
restart the supervisor,
check frappe-bench/log/ and /var/log/nginx for problems…

how can i check port 8080, where is defined in erpnext in virtual machine (production),


You check first your mashine ip address :
/windows: cms → ipconfig
Ubuntu terminal /ctrl+alt+t/ → ifconfig/

In the browser you type ip address:8080.

The pc should be on the same wifi as your host pc!

If you try to connect from the same pc as your vm running, then type in to the browser:

Hope this helps.

ip address is same and port same but when i type id and password no response, please share virutual production machine 8080 port location. i want to check only port number is 8080 present or not in virtual machine.

frappe@erpnext:~/frappe-bench$ find . -name *.conf | xargs grep 'listen'
./config/nginx.conf:	listen 443;
./config/nginx.conf:	    listen 80;


You have the log in screen and you type in the username + pasw.

In this case the port number is Ok.

Try to log in with


Case sensitive!
Administrator ! Not administrator

thanks to clarkej, your tips was very helpful, issue resolved.

Thanks, your tip was very helpful, issue resolved, again thanks for your valuable tip/time.