Erpnext Version issues

I am new erpnext, so basically my one of client having working site in 7 version of erpnext and frappe, Now he wants me to customize some functionality. I create backup of his site and try to restore on local server. As now on master brach, erpnext is updated to v8 so on importing the site backup, it throwing the error
mysqlexceptions.ProgrammingError: (1146, "Table '1c9bb4bf2ef78827.tabCustom DocPerm' doesn't exist")

As i already told that i am new to erpnext so i am afraid of update working site of client. Can you please provide me a solution or make me sure that update will not raise any issue in working site?

vers 8 was onluy released today. I had a similar error so i think there is a bug that you have come across. Either create a bug report on Github or just wait a couple of days and update and I’m sure it will be fixed by then.

I can’t wait because client wants to finish work asap!

Please raise a github issue (Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub) with full traceback message.