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Why not create a new repo for new versions of ERPNext? That way security and bug fixes can still be given to people who have kept the previous version (for a specified time, of course). I’m not sure how this is generally done though, ERPNext is the only software project I’ve been involved with.


Unfortunately, the fixes related to say ERPNext 7 would not be the same as ERPNext 6. Currently, we push “hotfixes” to the stable branch of ERPNext (6) that fix issues, whilst working on ERPNext 7 on a separate branch. This allows us to work on features whilst fixing bugs in the existing stable version.

@vjFaLk so only ‘master’ branch receives fixes, right? As soon 7 becomes released (= current stable version = master branch) v 6 will not be fixed any longer.

@cpurbaugh an old version (v6) could be continued by making a branch 6.x from the master branch before the current develop becomes master.

Then you can continue to maintain v 6. You can do that on a fork as well (assuming the core teams policy was to discontinue 6 after 7 is released)

That’s very similar to the way Odoo is being maintained

So we make hotfixes into the master branch and then merge the master branch into develop, therefore the fixes also reflect there.

Don’t think of ERPNext 7 as a divergence from 6, ERPNext 7 is build on 6. However, we don’t plan to support 6. But users are always free to not upgrade. In fact, you need to specifically pass --upgrade when doing bench update to upgrade to ERPNext 7

true, but ideally you would not stay on a version that is not maintained with hotfixes any longer.
Probably it’s a decision of focusing limited resources and it’s totally legitimate to not maintain an old version (especially if a version upgrade is manageable for everyone).

@cpurbaugh if despite of that there was a desire in the community to ‘keep’ v 6.x it needs to follow the steps described above and take care of maintaining the outdated v6.x I’d say. You just need o be quick enough to make a v6.x branch before ‘master’ is turning 7.

@vjFaLk maybe the core team could make that 6.x branch before master becomes 7 and at just keep that (without pushing any fixes to that 6.x branch though) for a while in case anybody still needs it?

You can use git to specifically rollback at a particular release whilst setting up a new system.

@cpurbaugh @vrms


You can see in image, Frappe maintains all release in separate branch.

If you want source code of any specific version, you can download it from here.

Updating to latest version is always good to get latest fix and new features. You can easily update using bench update command.


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