ERPNext Video Tutorials for Schools

Can anyone please provide the video tutorials for erpnext school module.
What about the Design of the page where should we design it and all.
Some video reference will be very helpful.

And is erpnext free if yes please explain why there is pricing on its website.
I am a beginner any help will be appreciated.
Thank You.

The software is free. Hosting and professional support is extra if you want / need it.


Even thought the software is free and opensource, for maintaining infrastructure they must spend something on hardware and related things…

Ohkk, but why are there only limited video tutorials on erpnext.
Do you have any link. I want to learn how to implement erpschool from scratch.
and also want to work on developing its site.

There are limited video tutorials because no one has produced more, thus far
a simple websearch turns up this

the documentation on the education module

do you mean you want to contribute work to further develop the education module?
this sites on frappe (the framework ERPNext is build upon) maybe a good starting point

Does ERPnext module produce Site for the school module.?

not sure what u mean by that. If you’d describe what you want to achieve maybe it’ll be more likely someone was able to give some feedback on that.

I think he means “Does ERPNext have as part of it’s programs a website that he can launch within ERPNext to support the public view of his school?”

i.e. Does it come with a website that he can modify to show off his school and funnel requests to ERPNext as leads…


hi, i know that this is not the place where i have to write but i’ve created 2 topics in the forum with not answer, i have details with student applicant in an education domain.

I create a student applicant, then in another browser i create an student account in the registration page, i receive the mail, create a password, and when i try to apply to the student applicant published in the frontend, i only see a message that says “nothing to show”.

i’ve enabled in the role management permissions for student applicant and web forms in the student profile but i can’t make it work it.

What is wrong?

In version 11 i could do it without problem, in fact, i tried to install V11 and now neither works the student applicant, i get this message when i try to see in the website the student applicant created “{{ title or ((“{0} List”).format((doctype))) }}”, i see that even in the virtual machine image that is in the download page, what happened?

Sorry for asking you here and thanks in advance.

Website is created irrespective of domain, so yeah, you can use the website generated via the ERPNext account with the Education domain