ERPNext virtualbox down. Unable to find the issue

Vitualbox server is up and running but I am unable to see anything on localhost:8080
Please provide possible solutions as it is year closing time

@Anshul_Jain, if you are looking at localhost:8080 on your local machine you will not see anything. You need to check the IP number of the Virtualbox and point your browser to that IP. See this thread to set it up properly


In that case the other backups also shouldn’t have worked.

Can see frappe’s favicon but unable to connect.

Not sure what you are referring to, backups are done on the Virtual Machine, they have nothing to do with the address you are using to access the Virtual Machine.

Go to your Virtual Machine Terminal, type “ifconfig” and record the IP number, not the on lo but the IP number on eth0, use that IP number to access your virtual machine

It should look like this

By backup I mean clone of image I had created few months back.

ifconfig doesnt work here. got this output from ip addr

This should help

In your Virtual Machine Settings under Network, is it set to NAT or Bridged Adapter? if its on NAT or any other shutdown your VM and change it to Bridged Adapter then start your VM and you should be able to see the IP address to connect

Says erpnext (my username here) not allowed to execute

It is set to bridged adapter.

Not sure how your network is setup but this is what I get when I do “ip a” on my VM

and as you can see there is sin eth0 which is what I use to access ERPNext.

What is your host machine PC or Mac?