ErpNext virtualbox image stuck at setup wizard

I recently downloaded ERPNext-221215.ova from official source. The import went smoothly. I am able to login and start the setup wizard, but no matter what I do or how many times I try the setup wizard gets stuck on setting up page after taking all the information required. Here’s the screenshot for reference:

I have tried updating(bench update), increasing ram, removing and re-importing the image to no avail.
I am using Debain wheezy if that helps.
I would be really grateful if someone could assist me in solving this dilemma.

@devaj check and report any errors in your JS console.

Sorry for the late reply, was not near my computer. Here’s the screenshot as you requested.

Solved it. All I had to do was to increase the http timeout of the server.
Others who are facing the same problem, please refer this wiki page

Thank you @rmehta for your assistance. GOD bless all.

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